Understanding the various dialects and cultures

Not only am I fully bilingual in both English and Spanish, I’ve also lived in several Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico. As a result, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the various dialects and cultures of these countries.

This means I can help my clients communicate their message with total clarity so that any signs of confusion are avoided.

Cultural knowledge

You see, you’re not fluent in any language until you understand the culture. Until you expose yourself to different cultures, you can’t fully understand or appreciate a language.

Different cultures have different styles of communication and unless you’re familiar with that particular style, it doesn’t matter how well a person speaks a certain language because the major element of translations and interpretations is missing: cultural knowledge.

I ‘walk the talk’

I’m a person of both words and action.
Aside from translating documents and reports,
I’ve traveled around the world and lived
and breathed the Spanish culture.
As the saying goes, I ‘walk the talk.’

Over twenty years of experience

With over twenty years of experience in finance and marketing translations and interpretations, I can assure you that using my services will be the best decision you’ve ever made. I’m also experienced and specialized in medical, healthcare and legal translations and interpretations.
Invest in my language and cultural skills today!

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