Native in both English and Spanish,
I provide translation and interpreting linguistic services from Spanish-English in the following fields:
legal, finance, marketing and medical.

There are many different dialects of Spanish among the various countries in Latin America.

Through living in several Spanish-speaking countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, I am able to understand different dialects in Spanish and consequently help my clients communicate their message clearly.

I’ve also gained knowledge of the culture as a result of living in these countries and you can’t be fluent in any language until you understand the culture!.






Incorrect legal translations and interpretations can lead to serious consequences. With my commendable knowledge of legal terminology and profound understanding of the Spanish legal system, you are guaranteed a flawless translation or interpretation.

Whether it’s a statute, a patent, a contract or a will, I can translate any documents you send my way, quickly and concisely.

Alternatively, if you need my assistance at a legal event, I can interpret any legal communications to prevent any ambiguity.


All marketing documents share the same purpose: to inform, to persuade and to sell. That’s why I study your brand and your goals prior to translating your marketing materials, so that the translated content has the same impact as your original documents.

I provide professional marketing translation services for a variety of documents such as newsletters, print and online ads, and website content marketing surveys.

A poor marketing translation can lead to you losing clients. With my help, you are guaranteed powerful content that promotes your brand to its fullest and engages the client.


With so much data and analytics involved, you can’t afford to settle for a less than perfect translation when it comes to financial issues. This is where my services come in handy.

Let me clearly communicate your intended message and you’ll avoid any traces of confusion.

From annual reports to pension plans, I can accurately translate financial documents to ensure there is no ambiguity that could lead to unfavorable results such as angry clients or legal issues.


You can’t afford to let a word go misinterpreted when it comes to medical issues. One slight misunderstanding and you could end up in a whole lot of trouble.

To prevent this from happening, let me provide you with high quality medical translation and interpreting services.

Only the most qualified translators and interpreters should carry out medical translations and interpretations. Fortunately, I’m one of the most specialized medical translators around, with first hand experience in this niche.

Finding a reliable translator and interpreter that you can depend on for any given task is on everybody’s wish list. Let me fulfill your wish and I’ll translate or interpret anything you need me to, quickly and efficiently.


You can find out more about my educational and professional background in Spanish-English translations and interpretations by checking out my ‘About Me’ page here.


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